Puff Lamp Twist White

Light source

Rice paper lampshade.

Size & Weight:
H: 90 x Ø: 50 cm
0,32 kg
Product Information:

Puff is a series of rice paper lamps. The design is voluminous and light with different variants and sizes catering to both smaller and larger environments. A white textile cord with socket and canopy can be purchased as an add-on for the pendants. 


The lampshade can be cleaned with a feather duster, or wiped with a microfiber cloth.

Light source:

We recommend Socket and cord item 605730.

LED Bulb 6W Ø60 - E27 EU White is recommended.


A New and Modern Take on the Classic Rice Paper Lamp

The Puff Lamp Collection is a modern and sculptural take on the traditional rice paper lamp, designed with organic and simple principles in mind.

 The Puff Lamp Collection honors one of the oldest traditions within lamp making in Asia. Rice paper lamp shades have been used for centuries and have originally adorned the halls of temples. It was also a trip to Japan that sparked the inspiration for the Puff Lamp Collection, where designer Saskia Huebner saw endless variations of the rice paper lamp. This became a motivation to find the right balance between sculptural playfulness and functional minimalism and resulted in a collection that invites you to arrange different voluminous shapes in a playful matter. Puff is thus suitable for the large hotel lobby, restaurant, or a small private room.

 Voluminous but Light

The rice paper material makes it possible to create immense volume, without wasting unnecessary material or creating a heavy, inconvenient design. The rice paper allows for a natural, warm light, as it gently shields the light source from being too bright and overexposed. The lamps thus submit a soft light, while appearing like organic sculptures in the given space.


Saskia Huebner

Saskia graduated from MSD / Münster School of Design in Germany in 2016. Here, she studied Interdisciplinary Design, where the focus was on how the design of a product is affected by the environment in which it will be used, and contemplating what place it has in society. Consequently, Saskia intends her work to serve a purpose, while still valuing aesthetic objects and design.
After her graduation, Saskia moved to Copenhagen, where she worked at Normann Copenhagen as Senior Designer for four years. Today, Saskia runs her own design studio with clients from all over the world.

Saskia’s approach to design is always centered around functionality to create something that has a purpose and can be of great use in the desired setting. Great attention to sustainable solutions is also an important part of the design process. 
Her inspiration stems from everyday life, observing how people interact with design and questioning why objects look the way they do in order to challenge conventional design thinking. Saskia’s design philosophy is to create minimalist design while giving it its aesthetics through well-thought out and harmonious shapes.