Pendants are notable design objects with an accent position in a room - as centerpieces in the living room, above a dining table or kitchen island, or sculpturally hung in a high ceiling hallway. A ceiling light has an essential effect on the interior and the mood of the room, and is required both to add a bright practical light and a warm ambient feel. Choosing the right pendant and light effect for your room can be tricky.
We have created a range of elegant, sculptural and contemporary designed pendants to accommodate your personal style and taste. Group a cluster of small pendants with transparent glass lampshades for a modern take on the traditional chandelier, or use large bell-shaped lamps for a contemporary, industrial expression. With minimalistic designed lamps, decorative self-assembly lamps and lamps in exquisite marble and glass let you choose between keeping it simple or go bold and make your new lamp the center of attention.
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