A sofa is a place to find comfort and rest, and where you unwind after a long day. The sofa is where we engross in deep conversations and company from our friends, and where we recline to a good movie. Consequently the functionality of a sofa requires it to be comfortable for hours on end.
The sofa sets the mood of your living room and lets you add a unique personal touch to your interior through the choice of fabric, color and design. For spacious living rooms a large, wide modular sofa that floats in the middle of the room gives an extravagant feeling. At the same time, a modular sofa can be chosen for smaller living rooms, allowing for creative combinations. While we love to lounge in big, soft sofas, we also adore smaller upholstered sofas with elegant, soft curves that let you add a unique design statement to your interior. The sharp lined silhouette and simple design of the Ace and Era sofas with wooden or steel legs and in exquisite velvet, leather or woolen upholsteries add a classic yet contemporary expression to any design scheme.
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