Floor Lamps

Floor lamps serve a dual purpose in a room

; being beautiful, noticeable design objects which tall height makes them centerpieces in any décor, while their light affect the mood of your room. Unfold the potential of every part of your interior with floor lamps to illuminate dark corners in your living room, or to add an aesthetic appeal and a cozy ambience to your hallway or bedroom.
Floor lamps can be striking statements or subtle light sources that blend in with your furniture. Create understated elegance with a floor lamp in a tone of color that matches your interior, or add fashion to your room with a characteristic floor lamp in playful colors and extraordinary materials. Our range of contemporary floor lamps is designed with versatility in mind, and can both be used for directional, functional light and to provide ambient lighting. Find lighting to your office space, reading corner or soothing light for your lounge area and go with the style and effect you love.
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