Designer furniture that plays up natural materials, favor neutral, warming colors and has a simple, Scandinavian feel. Accentuate a modern home décor with dining tables and chairs in sturdy oak, functional, yet elegant, storage furniture, and sofas with pure, contemporary expressions that provide comfort for hours on end.
We have designed a collection of contemporary furniture that epitomizes natural materials, the attention to craftsmanship and simple, minimalistic forms that symbolize the Danish modern interior style. Our furniture is designed with a careful research into - and respect for materials, proportions and the human body needs. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian design principles, a distinct focus on form and function creates clean, pure lines and modern aesthetic. Each piece of furniture, from lounge chairs and sofas to sideboards and dining room furniture, is designed with an uncompromised attention to detail, revealing characteristic design traits that reflect the style of our designers.
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