Mirror, mirror on the wall... Which will be the one that brings out the best of you? A mirror matching your personal style will prettify your looks when getting ready in the morning while being a decorative element on your wall. Mirrors are intriguing interior design pieces that let you enhance your home décor bringing light to your hallway, adding depth to small spaces, and acting as decorative elements that bring character and personality to the room.
Choose a wall mirror with a small shelf that poetically reflects the decorative items, perfumes and trinkets you place on its shelf, or embellish a wall with a colorful mosaic of mirrors with glass in gemstone shades. Mirrors create a strong visual effect while having a functional aspect that makes the design a necessity in almost any room in the house. Select a small mirror with a practical tray for your dressing table, perfect for keeping your make-up close at hand. Let your reflections start here.
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