Dim Linear Lamp EU Brushed Aluminum

Light source

Lamp: Aluminium, Steel
Remote Control: ABS Plastic

Size & Weight:
H: 9 x L: 155,5 x D: 6 cm
3,7 kg
Product Information:

Dim Linear Lamp is a versatile pendant lamp that uses LED technology to enable adjustments in brightness and color temperature, offering both focused and ambient lighting. The design allows light to illuminate both the spaces above and below the lamp. The light can be adjusted via the elegantly integrated knobs at both ends of the design or via a remote control. 


Clean with damp cloth. Avoid use of all-purpose cleaners and other degreasing detergents.

Light source:

The lamp is equipped with two LED light strips that encompass a color temperature scale spectrum between 2700K and 6500K. Can be dimmed via the rotary dimmers on the lamp or with the remote control. The lamp has a burning time of approx. 30,000 hours.


Dim Linear Lamp

Dim Linear Lamp is designed by the multidisciplinary design and innovation agency R S W (Rudolph Schelling Webermann). Drawing inspiration from the evolving role of dining tables in contemporary living spaces, the Dim Linear Lamp caters to the diverse activities and lighting requirements of today's families. Recognizing that dining tables are no longer solely used for meals, but have become gathering spots for various activities, R S W developed a concept that offers versatile lighting options in contemporary homes, with a pendant lamp that offers adaptability and functionality. 

Powered by LED technology, the Dim Linear Lamp allows users to adjust both brightness and color temperature, catering to various settings from cozy to productive. Its meticulously designed, clever shape crafted from aluminum for durability illuminates both upwards and downwards, highlighting the ceiling while providing efficient lighting. The integrated aluminum knobs have been elegantly incorporated as a decorative detail in the design, while providing a technical function that allows for easy light control presented in a tactile user experience. In addition, the brightness and color temperature can also be controlled via a remote control. 


Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Rudolph Schelling Webermann consist of Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolf who met during their studies at FH Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After working for different studios, the three designers decided to start their own design studio. Rudolph Schelling Webermann is specialized in consumer product design.

"We are driven by the romantic idea that a designer is an inventor of products that is able to create a better world. We love to challenge materials, products and people's behavior. The way to our designs lies in the search for a new, better, different, unjustly forgotten or humorous idea."