Trace Rug Grey

50 % Wool, 50 % Polyester
Size & Weight:
W: 140 x L: 195 cm
4,2 kg
Product Information:
Trace is a two-sided quilted rug with contrasting fringes and the ends.
Frequent vacuuming is recommended to preserve color and appearance. Dry clean.

Trace Rug

Trace is an untraditional quilted rug that combines a soft appearance with a rigorous graphic pattern and aesthetic color combinations. The rug's expressive pattern is inspired by flowing lines and traces in the sand created by grass and reeds blown in the wind. The designers have combined this with classic geometric forms and created a design that is bursting with life.
The design pair of Sarah Böttger and Hanna Emelie Ernsting explained how they came up with the idea of Trace after wishing that they could make their floor a more inviting place:
"The floor is an important part of the areas that we use in our daily lives. Children learn to crawl on the floor, many people like reading there and others find it relaxing to just lie there and spread out. Unfortunately, we often overlook the floor during interior design, and this leads to them becoming unappealing areas. Therefore, we wanted to create a rug with a new and modern look. We wanted it to add a different look to the floor, but at the same time contain the familiar elements that make a rug nice and cozy," they explain.By quilting the rug, the designers have brought aspects from sofas and bedspreads to the floor. The result is a rug with a cushioning effect and that also provides a stable underlay. Trace has a versatile rectangular form, which means it is well suited to all types of rooms and the dynamic quilted pattern adds a unique feel to the room.
Design: Sarah Böttger & Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Sarah Böttger & Hanna Emelie Ernsting

The two German designers Sarah Böttger & Hanna Emelie Ernsting worked together to create the Trace rug.Sarah Böttger trained as a cabinetmaker before she went on to study Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach am Main with additional studies in glass and furniture design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Today, she runs her own studio, specialized in the fields of product and furniture design, in Wiesbaden, Germany. Böttger about her inspiration: "I believe ideas and inspiration can be found everywhere, it is much more difficult to be open to it at the right moment. Diversity and contrasts are always important sources of inspiration to me."Hanna Emelie Ernsting studied product design at the school of design in Karlsruhe and at the ENSAD in Paris. Soon after her graduation, she opened her own studio in Frankfurt am Main, working mainly with textiles in any form.Ernsting about what fascinates her: "I am thrilled when I come across something unexpected. This can be something fun, humorous or challenging. Things catch my attention when they are beautiful but unprocessed, meaning that they are not yet transformed into design."