Designed to stand the test of time

With the mission of creating a timeless and durable stool series, the Circa series was born — a design that embodies the principles of minimalism while simultaneously rich in detail.

The graphic and geometrical expression of the design is reinforced in the balance of positive and negative elements. The seat is round, yet flat and visually

occupies a lot of space when viewed from above. Slightly lifted from the base, the seat offers a light and airy appearance to the design in spite of the sturdiness of the construction. These contrasting elements ensure a design that is simplistic and classic yet full of character.

Circa comes in three heights and is available with several different seat options.


Simon Legald

Simon Legald graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2012. His work consists of both small- and large scale products. Simon’s designs are often created in a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. He also likes to incorporate the techniques that are necessary for the structure of a product into the design by highlighting them visually.

“Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the products functionality. If you understand the product, it does not need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used. Therefore, it has to satisfy not only the functional aspects, but also the psychological and aesthetic needs. For me simplicity describes the true identity of objects and makes them trustworthy. In my design, I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them. It gives the product a simple and honest expression.”