Brown Bakery in Osaka

Japanese-designed Knot chairs furnish the interior of Brown Bakery in Osaka, Japan.

The Knot chair is designed by Japanese designer Tatsuo Kuroda. With its handcrafted expression and elegant shape that is reminiscent of traditional bentwood furniture, the Knot chair fits in just perfectly in the stylish Brown Bakery in Osaka, Japan.

Located inside a railway viaduct, the restaurant’s interior pays tribute to its surroundings. A large lighting installation in the middle of the room, inspired by the lighting used inside the railway station, symbolizes the uniqueness of the location. 

Marble, wood and steel materials give the restaurant a refined atmosphere. Showcases made of panes of glass give the space a glossy finish and the impression of semi-private areas, though the room is not divided. The dimly lit tables, high quality of the materials and artisanal expression of the Knot chairs create a chic and sophisticated dining experience.

Brown Bakery is located under the railway viaduct of Kyobashi Station in Osaka, Japan. Interior design by Yoshiyuki Morii (Café co.).