Hand Soap Palace Repose 500 ml

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Size & Weight:
H: 18 x Ø: 7,5 cm
0,58 kg
Product Information:
Hand Soap: The soap is cleansing and moisturizing. The dispenser contains 500 ml of soap. Hand Cream: The cream softens and hydrates. The dispenser contains 500 ml of cream. Scented Candle: **The candle has a burning time of 25 hours. **Scent Diffuser: The scent diffuser includes scented oil, glass flacon with cork and 8 sticks. Pour the oil into the flacon and add the sticks. Choose the intensity by adjusting the number of sticks. Consider using the glass cork if the diffuser is unused for a longer period of time.
The Scent Diffuser flacon is not suitable for dishwasher.


The Notes line encapsulates a selection of the thousands of scents one can experience inside the Tivoli Gardens. The line consists of three recognizable and distinctive scents, named Old Roller Coaster, Whimsy Bouquet and Palace Repose.

Notes is available as hand soap, hand cream, scented candle and scent diffuser.

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen.

Old Roller Coaster Inspired by the old wooden Roller Coaster built in 1914, the scent’s aroma is masculine and rustic. Top notes: Balsamic – Cedar Wood – Bergamot
Whimsy Bouquet Inspired by the mix of many flower scents in Tivoli, the scent’s aroma is feminine and classic. Top notes: Tuberose – Jasmine – Orange
Palace Repose Inspired by a hotel visit with clean sheets and wellness, the scent’s aroma is pure and fresh. Top notes: Lemon – Freesia – Musk