Ren Tea Towel Check Cloudy Blue

100% Cotton OEKO-TEX
Size & Weight:
H: 70 x D: 50 cm
0,1 kg
Product Information:
Ren Tea Towel is made of 100% cotton OEKO-TEX with twill weaving ensuring great durability. The Tea Towels comes in six color and pattern variants. Match Ren Tea Towel in pairs or use individually. Ren Tea towel complements Ren Dishcloth. OEKO-TEX is an independent certification system for textile and leather products to confirm the human-ecological safety within the entire value chain.
Wash before use. Wash with similar colors at 60⁰ C.

Ren Tea Towel & Dishcloth

Normann Copenhagen presents a new range of attractive kitchen textiles that draw on Nordic textile traditions. Traditional checks are combined in new ways and mixed with current color palettes for a modern folklore look. The designs feature the word CLEAN throughout, with a focus on functionality and the possibility to combine styles.

The Ren range has been designed in three moods, each comprising two tea towels in a gorgeous interchange of patterns and colors. Cloudy blue, soft sand, and pale green meet acid elm green and spicy orange. Each tea towel duo has a matching dishcloth with a pattern weave that references the dish towels. The dishcloths are made from an industrial material for optimum efficiency, while the colorful weave livens up any kitchen table.

Small repetitions of patterns and colors bind the Ren range together as a whole, allowing you to mix and match the styles. The tea towels are sold individually, while the dishcloths come in packs of two.

Sofia Bordoni

Sofia Bordoni was educated in industrial design and multimedia at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice, Italy. She has worked within the field of graphic design for various design studios and cultural organizations, and is now employed at Normann Copenhagen where she works with both graphic and product design. Sofia is an observer and when something catches her interest and curiosity, a design process already begins to unfold in her mind. For Sofia this is a very accurate process, through which she channels her attention to detail and keen eye for shapes, colors and typography into timeless and emotive designs.

“I love recalling my childhood, which was filled with colors, paper, pencils and handicrafts, and where an obsession towards various creative fields started to grow in me. Photography: developing analog photos. Architecture: seeing buildings as shapes, volumes and material combinations. Typography: observing letters as shapes with an entrenched character. Upon realizing that graphic design is the field that is capable of bringing together all of these passions, I followed it with enthusiasm.”