Line Bowl Ø30 Black/Cream


Red Clay

Size & Weight:
Ø: 30 cm
4 kg
Product Information:

Line Bowls are a series of bowls made from red clay and printed with decorative patterns of Black and Cream decal print on the inner sides. Due to the manufacturing process, each bowl is unique. Line Bowl comes in three different sizes. 


Not suitable for dishwasher use. Washing up by hand is recommended. Be careful when using sharp objects on the dish, as rough use of sharp knives, forks or other objects may lead to small scratches on the surface. Suitable for microwave.

Line Bowls

Line Bowls present a collection of exquisite bowls crafted from red clay, adorned with captivating Black and Cream decal prints on the inner sides. Available in three sizes, each variant features its own, distinctive decoration of seemingly random lines and contours, presenting a harmonious design that blends a minimalistic, classic shape with intriguing, geometric patterns. The distinctive interplay between the red clay exterior and the decorative, printed interior defines the essence of Line Bowl's captivating aesthetic. Due to the manufacturing process, every Line Bowl is a little bit unique.

Versatile in nature, Line Bowls are not only functional vessels but also ornamental objects. Use them for anything from a display in a captivating still-life arrangement to serving delicious salads or your favorite fruits, these bowls effortlessly adapt to various purposes.


Normann Copenhagen

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