Collins Side Table

Description Collins Side Table is created by Graham Collins for the Normann x Brask Art Collection.
Read more about the art collection here.
Oak, glass, and colored foil.
Size & Weight:
H: 45 x L: 65 x D: 40 cm
5,3 kg
Product Information:
Collins Side Table is an irregular shaped wooden frame construction. Two glass plates in a track are framing a sheet of artistic foil. 6 color and shape variations of foil, which can variate.
Tabletops made of glass should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth. To remove grease (fingerprints, etc.), use glass cleaner. Excess water can be removed with a dry cloth. You can then dry polish the glass with a microfiber cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners or sharp-edged cleaning tools.

Collins Side Table

Graham Collins has taken his later work as a point of departure and created a sculptural table for the Normann x Brask Art Collection. With its textural composition of woodworking, glass and automotive window tinting, the side table utilizes the same materials as his ’tinted monochromes’ series, reconfigured into a functional piece of furniture.

“In addition to making artwork, I also build furniture for myself, so it was very natural for me to design a table. Ordinarily, I am obsessively hands-on when making my work so this was an interesting exercise in just thinking about the design process. Art and design both influence each other a great deal; to me, they seem to have slightly different, though not mutually exclusive purposes. Both fields generate technical and critical dialogues, which are useful to the other.” – Graham Collins

Collins’ table features an irregular angular frame of solid oak, while legs galore give the impression of a creature about to wander off. Sheets of window tinting are layered in between a double plated glass tabletop, creating random creases and bubbles of air which add a free sense of texture to the visually sharp composition. The vinyl is placed in various arrangements between the glass plates, making every piece unique.

Graham Collins

The work of Graham Collins incorporates a wide array of disciplines, from woodworking and sculpting through to painting and collage. His primary output is abstract paintings inspired by a variety of cultural references. His focus is on the material conditions of the artwork’s production, and he routinely incorporates idiosyncratic methods of fabrication and highly charged materials such as reclaimed wood, found objects, ceramics, cast plastic, generic monochrome painted canvases, automotive window tinting and DIY car paints.

Collins was born in 1980 in Washington DC. He currently lives and works in New York, NY and holds a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and an MFA from Bard College. His work has been shown at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, Mitchell Innes and Nash, New York, Galleri Jacob Bjorn, Aarhus, Denmark and Halsey McKay Gallery, New York. A show of new work will open at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles in February 2019.