Bogin Mirror Small Pink

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Description Bogin Mirror is created by Greg Bogin for the Normann x Brask Art Collection.
Read more about the art collection here.
Mirror glass, aluminum
Size & Weight:
H: 39,5 x L: 40 x D: 3,5 cm
2,4 kg
Product Information:
Thick aluminum tubes that are partly framing the characteristic shapes of glass mirrors. Bracket and screws for hanging are included.
Clean with damp cloth.

Bogin Mirror

Loud minimalist expressions and electric colors fuse in Greg Bogin’s abstract mirrors for the Normann x Brask Art Collection, creating objects that straddle the boundary between painting and functional object. His raison d’être is to contribute to the creation of a happy reflection that can be carried back into our daily lives.

As augmented versions of Bogin’s distinctive bright outlines, colored aluminum tubes frame the mirrors halfway, forming a glossy rounded nook for the mirror glass. The three mirrors embrace the same bubbly mode of expression, but are unique in shape, size and color. Their playful silhouettes brim with happiness, whilst their references to visual communication give them an elusive familiarity.

Alongside his fluorescent lines and gradients, Bogin’s works often feature large expanses of uncluttered white space. Here, the mirror takes the place of the empty space, changing its character from blank space to living surface, and leaving it up to the user to fill in the blank. Bogin expands the experience of his work and quite literally reflects that experience back at the world.