Nocto Candlestick Aqua Green

Size & Weight:
H: 6 x L: 12 x D: 10,2 cm
0,253 kg
Product Information:
The candle is held in place by the nail in the center.
Make sure to blow out the candle before burning down to the ring to avoid staining. Clean with damp cloth.

Nocto Candlestick

Nocto is a minimalistic candlestick with a modern design and a strong visual expression. Just like the classical chamber candlestick, Nocto has a handle that makes it easy to move, and its name also refers to the chamber candlestick's original function - to provide light at night.
Nocto is available in discreet white and black, bright green and blue, and inviting pink and mint. Nocto is intended for a single candle and works well both individually and in groups of several candlesticks. With six exciting colours to choose from it is hard not to want to start a collection.

Pontus NY

The Swedish designer, Pontus Ny, trained at HDK - the School of Applied Art and Design. His interest in design began as a child when he was allowed to try his hand at crafts in his grandfather's pottery studio. Today, he works on everything from homes to cutlery and transport, founded on the basic perception that design is a multi-sensory discipline in which all the senses must be involved. Pontus Ny explains: "Design is about creating a way for the user to have a new or improved experience of their surroundings. The fascination for me is often to see how tiny the parameters are that make the difference between the success and failure of a product."