The Great Glaze

Here is how to let your baked goods stand out. The new Glaze series is effortlessly stylish and perfectly practical - a definite recipe for success!

Visiting the grandparents or cake loving friends is always a good idea. You can already smell sugar and spice and everything nice before you enter the door. Though often, when we think of serving dishes, it can remind us of a romantic novel that’s just a bit too lovey dovey: ornamented dishes with lots flowers and colors, often detailed outlines - and very often, a little too much. Sometimes you just want it simple, right? 

The Glaze series' contemporary and simple design lets your cakes and baked goods be the center of attention, instead of vice versa. Serve extravagant layer cakes and sculptural bakings on the cake stand, or arrange delicate pastries and chocolates on the étagère. And for the salty tooths craving savoury pies, cheese, fruits, canapés or sushi, Glaze will do wonders, too.

The series offers three different serving dishes: a one-tiered stand, a tray with a central grip, and a three-tiered stand with a grip at the top. The series comes in two colors; the simple and delicate cream, and the darker and more mysterious deep cherry red. It is made of powder-coated steel, with soft, rounded edges.