When sound meets design

For the renovation of Normann Copenhagen’s new, seven-story headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen, the idea was to create a Danish design house. The entire building is completely furnished with Normann Copenhagen, from flagship store, to the office space, to the bathrooms and even the staff eatery. However, some things are better left to the experts. When deciding on which speakers to get for the over 28,000 square feet space, Normann Copenhagen teamed up with fellow Danish loudspeaker design brand, Artcoustic, known for their luxurious, award winning, high-quality loudspeakers with a unique ability to blend in with the interior.

“Normann Copenhagen’s flagship store and showroom is an experience for the eyes and the ears, allowing visitors to discover beautiful furniture in the calm, harmonic setting without compromising on great sound quality.” Patricia Ljungberg, CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic



Why can’t high end speakers look as good as they sound?

Artcoustic was founded in 1998 by two Danes, Patricia Ljungberg and Kim Donvig, and was born from the question “Why can’t high end speakers look as good as they sound?”


The idea was to create a speaker range, which would not compromise on the sound quality, nor on the design aesthetic. Patricia and Kim wanted their speakers to be an integrated part of any interior, while still delivering the ultimate high-end sound performance. The goal was to combine all of these elements in a versatile loudspeaker design that could be passed on through generations.


Combining a passion for high-performance sound and beautiful design with a great respect for the sound of music and movies, Artcoustic is amongst some of the finest and most honest sounding loudspeakers around and offers the ultimate high-end sound performance as well as a sleek, minimalist design that is easily customized to integrate into any interior setting no matter look or size.


Our aim has always been to create a high-quality, honest and true sound whilst still achieving the aesthetic look of our products.” Patricia Ljungberg CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic


After 25 Years in the business, an extensive number of awards, and being rated amongst the 4 most important brands in the industry, Artcoustic have demonstrated their ability to combine good sound performance and a simplistic design aesthetic, and that beauty and performance can go hand in hand.



Customizable speakers

Artcoustic speakers are meticulously crafted by hand, and are fully customizable to suit any taste and space, and are easily wall-mounted to free up floor space. With endless color options for the cabinet and front screens, the speakers can be personalized specifically to fit into any setting. The front screens can even be delivered with any digital print you desire and can be changed when you desire.


“We do not dictate taste. We ask our customers to become an integral part of the design process – the final look of an Artcoustic speaker is defined by its owner!” Patricia Ljungberg CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic.


For the Normann Copenhagen Headquarters, the design studio wanted the speakers to blend subtly in with the interior, allowing the Normann Copenhagen furnishings to take center stage, while also offering high-quality sound for the background music in the showroom and flagship store. In collaboration with Normann Copenhagen, Artcoustic delivered speakers in a specific color tone to match the paint of the walls.


“The Artcoustic loudspeaker range is designed to fit any size room. We deliver to anything from small stereo systems to huge, dedicated cinemas” Patricia Ljungberg CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic.



Designed to last

Artcoustic speakers are made to last. In the ever-evolving technology business, that’s a difficult stance to live up to. CEO and Co-founder Patricia Ljungberg elaborates:


“Our speakers are predominantly so-called passive loudspeakers, meaning that we do not put electronics inside them. The reason being that electronics have a certain life span. and if a loudspeaker has electronics in them, they are often of lesser quality and too expensive to fix, which then results in the user throwing it away. This is not a good trend for our environment. So, our loudspeakers can be connected to any amplifier model or device you may have. We do not dictate you to use special apps or electronics — you can simply via your amplifier connect any device, phone, tablet or laptop directly to your Artcoustic loudspeakers”


The importance of sound

Hearing is the only sense you cannot turn off. It is also the first sense we develop in the womb. Sounds are vibrations traveling through mediums such as air or water. The human body is made of 70% water, meaning that we are constantly, physically affected by sound. Music promotes physical, psychological and cognitive development. Poor audio quality can adversely affect your ability to learn, create and problem solve.


“High-quality audio is undoubtedly crucial to productivity, understanding and growth both in the workplace and at home. That is why we have always made our audio quality a top priority.” Patricia Ljungberg CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic.



Decorating with sound

Everyone needs sound in their homes, and Artcoustic loudspeakers unite great sound with great aesthetic. Artcoustic’s philosophy is that sound is just as important as light in interior decorating. They call it “closing the circle of senses”.


“The world of Artcoustic is one where sound and design come together to activate all the senses. A world which is honest and welcoming, where you can experience sound that will move, excite, scare and engage you. It is pure ambience for eyes and ears – there is no movie, party or atmosphere without sound”. Patricia Ljungberg CEO and Co-founder of Artcoustic.



Normann Copenhagen x Artcoustic

At Normann Copenhagen’s new headquarters, the three floors of combined flagship store and showroom have been meticulously designed to give visitors a sensory, immersive experience. The space exudes high-quality and design, and the Artcoustic speakers have made it possible to integrate the desired background music aesthetically and subtly.


Patricia Ljungberg says of the collaboration with Normann Copenhagen: “We feel that Artcoustic is the perfect match for Normann Copenhagen and for the furniture and design industry in general, since we have designed a loudspeaker series that builds on the same principles of high quality and aesthetic as designers use for furniture. It is our hope that more people in the design industry will take sound more seriously”


Read more about Artcoustic by visiting their website.