Normann Copenhagen furniture collections are available in pCon.planner. pCon.planner is a market standard software for creating visual 3D space plans, which are enriched with detailed product configuration data and pricing. 

The pCon software family provides free tools for planners, dealers, architects and interior designers that enable them to present projects across devices, with high-quality 3D renderings, detailed floorplans, and at the same time keep track of data such as measurements and accurate price quotations. 


Mobile devices

pCon.box lets users interact with Normann Copenhagen furniture in 3D on tablets or smartphones. pCon Box also provides an augmented reality option, which allows you to see the furniture in the real-world scene that you find yourself in.


Floor planning

pCon.planner is a rich floor planning tool for computers that lets you draw detailed projects, create photorealistic previews, and keep track of costs and details such as fabrics, colors and measurements.

To get access to Normann Copenhagen product data for pCon planner (OFML data format), you need access to Pcon.update. Sign up for pCon.update here.


Get started

To get started, begin by downloading the pcon.planner for your computer, and signup for the pcon.update service that lets you download Normann Copenhagen data.

Download pCon.planner
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