Redo Modular Sofa 3 Seater Oak Legs Hallingdal


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Frame: Combination of pine and chipboard
Filling: PU Foam
Legs: Oak

Size & Weight:
H: 73 x L: 269 x D: 92,5 x SH: 43 cm
Product Information:

Redo is a simple, uncomplicated modular sofa design. The design is built on a flexible modular system, where the modules can be combined in any desired composition to accommodate any need and any space. The corner module functions as both a right armrest, a left armrest and a corner module, enabling multiple iterations of the same sofa. The modules connect together easily by use of sofa connectors. Redo is made from high-quality PU foam for maximum comfort with a reinforcement structure inside. Comes with solid oak legs. Black painted oak legs can be purchased separately.


Clean with textile or upholstery cleaner. Frequent vacuuming with a soft fitting is recommended to preserve color and appearance


Redo Sofa

Redo presents a fresh, clever approach to the well-known modular sofas, with a design that is extraordinarily uncomplicated. Built on a flexible modular system, the design allows the modules to be combined in any desired configuration. The corner module serves as a right armrest, left armrest, and corner piece, enabling multiple iterations of the same sofa.

With its straightforward modular construction, Redo offers endless possibilities for customization. It adapts effortlessly to any room, solving the age-old challenge of moving from one home to another. Simply rearrange the modules and seamlessly integrate the sofa into its new surroundings. This adaptable, flexible attribute constitutes the entire foundation of the design, which has been granted the appropriate name “Redo” after its ability to be altered and rearranged again and again. The uniform design of the backrest and armrests alongside the meticulous, fully upholstered finish, ensures an aesthetic experience from every angle, making Redo an ideal sofa to place in the center of the room.


Simon Legald

Simon Legald graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2012. His work consists of both small- and large scale products. Simon's designs are often created in a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. He also likes to incorporate the techniques that are necessary for the structure of a product into the design by highlighting them visually.

"Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the products functionality. If you understand the product, it does not need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used. Therefore, it has to satisfy not only the functional aspects, but also the psychological and aesthetic needs. For me simplicity describes the true identity of objects and makes them trustworthy. In my design, I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them. It gives the product a simple and honest expression."