Step Vase H23 cm Blue

Molded fully colored glass
Size & Weight:
H: 23 x L: 23 x D: 17 x Ø: 11,5 cm
2,1 kg
Product Information:
Molded fully colored glass. The shapes of the vases have been build up, gradually, from horizontal layers, making the manufacturing process visible in the design.
Suitable for dishwasher.

Step Vase

The shapes of the Step vases have been build up– step by step – from horizontal layers, which come together to give the vases their gorgeous surface texture and dazzling appearance. Soft and flowing silhouettes provide contrast to the pattern's straight lines, creating balance in the design. As the vases are not completely circular, the nature of each vase is in constant flux, all depending on your angle of view.

The series consists of a tall vase in brown or clear glass, a mid-sized version in steel blue and a smaller edition in brown. The neck of the vase gets longer with each model, giving each size its own character and making them all suited to different kinds of flowers and bouquets.


BÜRO FAMOS is a partnership between the designers Hanna Litwin and Romin Heide.
Hanna and Romin met at the University of Applied Sciences in Coburg, Germany, where they both studied Integrated Product design. After their studies, they went separate ways, working with design and art direction for various design studios. In 2012, Hanna and Romin decided to establish their own studio, focusing on the intersections between graphic and product design.

From their Berlin based design studio, they work to create objects that are simple in shape, pleasurable to use, serious and charming. Hanna and Romin believe in design that makes people smile, as it is their experience that loved products have a longer life.

"It is important to us to design objects that are made to last. This creates sustainability in a logic and intuitive way. Things that are used for a long time and are able to adapt itself - depending on changing circumstances - have the ability to generate reminiscence. Using honest, high quality materials and manufacturing methods play an important role here."