Imprint Towel 70x140 Grid Lilac

100% Cotton OEKO-TEX
Size & Weight:
H: 140 x L: 70 cm
0,45 kg
Product Information:
Imprint Towel is made of 550 g/m2 cotton OEKO-TEX ensuring great durability. Imprint Towel is available in two sizes and four colors with individual imprints on the front side; Stripe Grey, Slash Pistachio, Grid Lilac and Dot Cornflower. OEKO-TEX is an independent certification system for textile and leather products to confirm the human-ecological safety within the entire value chain.
Wash before use. Wash with similar colors at 60⁰ C.

Imprint Towel

Upgrade your spa experience at home with the new Imprint towel range that is both easy on the eye and soft to the touch. Imprint towels are made from soft OEKO-TEX-certified cotton that is pattern-woven in different geometric designs.

The Imprint range comes in four delicate, cool shades of pistachio, lilac, gray, and cornflower blue. Inspired by the precision and repetition found in tiling, each color bears a unique surface imprint, giving the towels a certain tactile feature. The back is kept clean with a lush matt finish. Imprint’s soft tones and minimalist lines are perfect for bathrooms where well-being is the focal point.

Style the colors monochromatically or mix and match the different shades. Imprint towels come in sizes of 50x100 and 70x140 cm.