Astro Tray 32x20 Oak

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Size & Weight:
H: 2 x L: 32 x D: 20 cm
0,706 kg
Product Information:

Lacquered solid oak. Approved for food.


Clean with damp cloth.


Astro Tray

Create order in your chaos of small items with the Astro trays. Astro comes in five different sizes that can be combined and stacked in different ways, allowing you to create a personal storage system for all those everyday items you never know where to put. Or in other words; the things that often create a mess around the house.

The name Astro refers to the designer Nestor Campos' inspiration drawn from the universe and how it consists of order and a chaos of elements at once. He has taken this as his starting point for creating a series of organizers where you can play with the combinations and create the exact storage universe that suits your needs.
Each tray has its own unique shape, though common to them all is their rounded, organic form and their well-balanced proportions. This gives them a harmonious expression whether the trays are used together or individually. The warm color from the durable oak adds a natural, exclusive look to this practical design.

Use Astro on your desk for storing office supplies, to keep jewelry on, for keeping your cooking oil handy, or in the living room to arrange a still life of your favorite design objects on.

Design: Nestor Campos


Nestor Campos

Nestor Campos is a Spanish designer with a Master's Degree in architecture. He worked 5 years as an architect in Germany before moving to Sweden in 2012 to study Industrial Design at Lund University. In 2014, Nestor started his own architect and design studio.

Nestor's approach to design is based on innovation, honesty and intuition and he tries to always challenge himself to do something new. Before designing a piece, he often starts playing with different materials to explore how they work. The curiosity for creating is clear in Nestor's design where he often likes to experiment with different colors and materials.

"For me a designer is a person that can dream with open eyes, imagine a better future and make it happen through materiality. I see design as a way of making a change for better in other people's lives. A doctor can heal the body, a teacher prepare new generations, and a designer can create beautiful objects that brings happiness into daily activities. As a designer, I am a mix of an engineer, storyteller, craftsman, daydreamer and poet".