Bell Opener Gold

Stainless Steel
Size & Weight:
H: 15,2 x Ø: 5,5 cm
0,45 kg
Product Information:
Bell Opener is made of zinc alloy with an electroplated surface.
Not suitable for dishwasher. Clean with damp cloth.

Bell Opener

Studio Dejawu combines the functional with the festive in Bell Opener - a bottle opener and bell in one. A humorous design piece that calls to mind the question of the chicken and the egg: which came first, the bell or the opener? 

Looking at how the two elements effortlessly melt into one another, it seems clear that they were created together, to work as one. "The world is divided between those who can drink a lot, and those who fall asleep after the first round of beers. Now my friends know how they can keep me awake! " says Qian Jiang from Studio Dejawu. 

Set your imagination free and discover new ways to use the bell and the opener together. With a choice of finish in either matt gold or metallic black, the Bell Opener is an attractive and entertaining design piece that is sure to keep everyone's glass full!

Designed by Studio Dejawu

Studio Dejawu

To Studio Dejawu, designing is a mix of something personal and something general. It is about striking a balance between something a bit narrative, a bit poetic, a bit mechanical, and all the while finding that chemistry that can only be created with a crafted touch.

Originally from China, designer Qian Jiang moved to Scandinavia to combine his knowledge of technical design with a softer design approach. The work of Qian Jiang is a true meeting of Eastern industrial design and Scandinavian handcrafted furniture traditions. During his studies, he spend two years working with the design team at Normann Copenhagen. Currently, he lives in Stockholm working in his own atelier, Studio Dejawu. 

“Design to me is like writing a diary. It relates to my memories of people and fond moments. In a sense, my work is very personal. The result is like creating a memory container; I translate what I have experienced into objects others can relate to.”

Qian Jiang holds a Bachelor in Industrial Design from Jiangnan University, China as well as a Master of Industrial Design at Lund University in Sweden.