Stripe Glass 39 cl White Stripes



Size & Weight:
H: 10 x Ø: 8 cm
0,206 kg
Product Information:

Stripe Glass is an elegant drinking tumbler made from 100% mouth-blown glass. The design is characterized by its decorative hand-painted stripes, available in either blue or white. 


Suitable for dishwasher.


Stripe Glass

The elegant glass tumbler boasts distinctive, hand-painted stripes in a vertical pattern. The stripes feature visible brush strokes from the paintbrush, making each glass a bit unique. The striped surface complements the minimalistic silhouette in the well-balanced aesthetic of the design. Stripe comes in two variants with blue or white stripes.

Hue, Stripe and Fit: A new series of glasses to elevate the table setting. As implied by their respective names, Hue is characterized by its touch of color, Stripe by its distinctive, hand-painted stripes, while the Fit Glasses simply fit elegantly into one another when stacked. The glasses can easily be mixed and matched for a personal, informal expression. 


Normann Copenhagen

With an emphasis on crafting design that matters, Normann Copenhagen’s in-house design studio, established in 2012, designs and develops a continuously expanding collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories. The team comprises designers and engineers working closely together to follow and shape the design processes all the way from the initial idea to the final product. The result is a collection of designs defined by the minimalist expression and timeless quality characteristic of Normann Copenhagen’s Danish design heritage, infused with a playful twist and crafted to accommodate the diversity of needs of modern life.