Deko Object S1 Lemon

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Size & Weight:
H: 1,6 x Ø: 10 cm
0,098 kg
Product Information:

Deko Objects are a series of sculptural objects designed to evoke creativity and personal expression. Comprising a range of different sizes and colors, the objects can be stacked on top of one another to create the desired expression. Use Deko as a decorative element, as a vase or transform it into a functional container for storage purposes with an optional lid in a matching color. 


Not suitable for dishwasher use. Washing up by hand is recommended.


Deko Object

Designed by Studio Yolk, the sculptural and multipurpose Deko Objects seek to evoke personal expression and creativity. The Deko Objects come in various sizes and colors of Sage, Lemon, Hazel and Snow, allowing users to stack and arrange them for any desired purpose and expression. Whether as a decorative element, a vase, or a functional storage container, Deko seamlessly blends the realms of functionality, design and art. 

“The simplicity of the design is deceptive, as it possesses immense versatility. By rearranging the objects and altering their stacking order and angles, one can achieve new expressions and evoke fresh feelings, making it a design that can continue to surprise for years to come” says Morten Linde and Pernille Iben, the couple behind Studio Yolk.

Offering versatility through rearrangement, Deko Objects allows for fresh expressions and emotions while catering to numerous uses spanning from artistic sculpture to practical container to decorative vase. The possibilities are limitless, enabling the user to create any desired configuration to match mood, style and atmosphere.


Studio Yolk

Founded in 2020 by Morten Linde and Pernille Iben, STUDIO YOLK is a creative venture rooted in their 37-year partnership. With two of their three children actively involved, the family-based studio merges art and design. Both graduates of The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Morten specialized in product and furniture design, while Pernille Iben excelled in graphic design and illustration. Furthermore, their educational journey extended beyond design, as both Morten and Pernille Iben pursued degrees in psychotherapy, adding a unique perspective to their creative work and bridging the physical and psychological realms of expression. The creation of STUDIO YOLK in 2020 became a redefining moment for the couple, an exploration of how they could channel their shared passion for design and art into a collaborative family endeavor.

STUDIO YOLK’s background in psychology is inseparably linked to their art and design background. The therapeutic development they have experienced personally and professionally informs their work, as they see both physical and psychological aspects as interdependent forms of expression. Their creations serve as therapeutic outlets, fulfilling aesthetic and functional needs, while aiming to evoke profound emotions within the beholder. With Morten's focus on furniture and product design and Pernille Iben's expertise in fine art, their collaboration yields purposeful and meaningful designs.