Pizza Wheel Black

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Stainless Steel, Plastic
Size & Weight:
H: 18 x L: 7,5 cm
0,105 kg
Product Information:
Pizza Wheel has a built-in bottle opener in the handle.
Suitable for dishwasher.

Pizza Wheel

The Pizza Wheel is a smart and space-saving kitchen utensil with a rounded silhouette and a friendly mode of expression. The durable stainless steel blade and practical handle of plastic make the Pizza Wheel ideal for frequent, everyday use. The clear and simple design ensures that it is easy to use as well as being a decorative addition to the dining table.
The Pizza Wheel is available in classic black, grey and sand as well as three appetizing colors drawn from the pizza world; a red inspired by tomatoes and bell peppers, an aubergine color and a dark green reminiscent of oregano and spinach. Whether you serve your own, delicious homemade pizza creations or you order directly from your local pizzeria on the corner, the Pizza Wheel is an obvious companion at the dining table.

Alessandro Busana

Alessandro Busana graduated from Scuola Italiana Design in 1999. After graduating, he worked for two years in the creative design lab at the school. After that, he became part of JoeVelluto Studio for two years before deciding to pursue a career on his own. Since then, he has been making both furniture and everyday objects as a freelance designer with his own studio - Hole Designstudio."For me design is a creativity that can become a part of us daily, living every day with us through objects that we can touch, open and move. I want the objects that I design to speak to our emotions through beauty and simple but unexpected details. But they should also be practical and make our lives easier. So for me good design is when you achieve synergy between a beautiful shape and great functionality."