Fe Block Candle Holder Dark Red

Cast Iron
Size & Weight:
Ø: 16 cm
0,76 kg
Product Information:

The cast iron has a durable, rustic surface.


Place your Fe product upside down on baking paper in the oven at 250° C / 482° F. Take the product out of the oven after five minutes. Wipe off all remaining candle wax with a kitchen tissue. Be careful - The product will be hot!


Fe candle - & tealight holders

Fe is a family of candle and tealight accessories, which combine the raw look of cast iron with well-defined contours. Design studio Formfjord has created a versatile series of candleholders where material and form work in perfect equilibrium.

The harmonious design of the Fe candleholders plays with the contrast between the masculine character of the raw cast iron and the form’s feminine curves. The series includes holders for tall candles and tealights, as well as a plate for block candles. The name 'Fe' refers to the chemical symbol for iron.

The heavy cast iron gives the holders great stability and a high quality look and feel. The hard and cold material forms an aesthetic contrast to the soft and warm nature of the flickering candlelight, but also other objects on the table, such as vases, glasses, ceramics and textiles.

Designed by Formfjord



After studying industrial and mechanical engineering in Germany and the Netherlands, Dipl. Ing. Fabian Baumann founded Formfjord in 2006. In the Berlin-based design studio, Fabian and his team of skilled designers and engineers combine creativity and innovative aesthetics with technological know-how.

Formfjord is driven by a fascination of creating products that people enjoy having, using and keeping. Design is about creating great user experiences. The Formfjord team are passionate minimalists by method, meaning once the essence of each project is identified, every single detail is looked at to decide if it must blend in or go. As the quality and identity of a physical object is defined by its material, color, texture and surface finish, their choices have a major influence on the character of the product. To Formfjord, design is a mission to add quality to people’s lives.