Crooked Candlestick Two Bronze


Bronzed brass

Size & Weight:
H: 13,5 x W: 24,5 x D: 18 cm
4,07 kg
Product Information:

Crooked is a candlestick and decorative sculpture in one. A tribute to the designers love of "crooked" characters, Crooked draws inspiration from the intersection of design, art and architecture. Crooked Candlestick comes in two versions with room for either one or two candles, and in either painted aluminum or bronzed brass.


Use dishwashing detergent, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Dry thoroughly with a dish towel. Please be aware that sharp objects can leave marks. To avoid potential damage to the product, the flame must be extinguished before the candle burns all the way down, and the candle wax melts into the candle holder.



Crooked Candlestick draws inspiration from the intersection of design, art, and architecture, with clear references to all three fields. Additionally, the candlestick is a tribute to the designer's love for “crooked” characters.

The design and materials are chosen to create a poetic interplay between the hard and the soft. The shapes are twisted, organic, and challenging, while the material carries a certain weight. The candlestick's winding silhouette draws inspiration from twisted staircase designs found in modern and progressive architecture, particularly brutalism.

Crooked is unconventional and odd in more ways than one, which makes it a multifaceted object in the home, constantly changing character depending on the angle from which it is admired. Crooked is a sculptural piece and a candlestick in equal measure.


Uffe Buchard

Uffe Buchard is creative director in his own creative agency and has embarked on an international career in the fashion industry before transitioning into related creative fields such as interior design, design, and art. He has established one of Scandinavia’s most esteemed hotel experiences, The Darling, a stylish art and design guest house in the heart of Copenhagen. Design holds immense significance in Uffe’s life, and he has earned both national and international acclaim for his discerning aesthetic sense across the realms of fashion, interior design, and contemporary art. For Uffe, the fascination with design lies in the human process, which is evident in both the creation of the design and in the viewer's experience of the final result.
Uffe Buchard’s global perspective and unwavering dedication to detail have solidified his status as one of Denmark's foremost experts in design and lifestyle. For Normann Copenhagen, Uffe has created Crooked Candlestick, an equally functional and sculptural object which, based on his sharp aesthetic eye, unites his passion for art and design.