A Personalised Way to Conceal Cables

The story of Woofy is one of experiences, of pleasure and love of design. Woofy’s Dad is Gabriel Nigro and the idea for Woofy came about during a visit to one of Gabriel’s friends, who happened to have cables lying around all over his flat. On the way home, Gabriel began drawing, and by the time he was home Woofy had been born. Woofy is the story of a practical problem that was resolved with something that became a living thing.

Woofy never needs to be walked, fed or trained. His fur is smooth and he doesn’t cause allergies or wet the floor. Woofy can conceal your cables in his tummy and he will always be there when you need him.

Gabriel Nigro recounts: “Woofy came about as a result of my own needs. I have always been irritated at the sight of cables lying everywhere and ending up as ‘cable spaghetti’ on the floor. So I came up with Woofy. In my opinion, the things you buy for the home should add something more to it than just functionality – and that is what Woofy does. Man’s best friend is his dog. A dog looks after you, looks after your family and represents some good values. Woofy is a smart cable concealer, a cool object in all rooms and an item of furniture that can be used in the office, the children’s room or the living room. But for me, Woofy is most of all a sweet, happy dog – and my dear friend.”

Woofy is a cable container dog with many good qualities and your new friend.

Design: Gabriel Nigro

Gabriel Nigro

"I grew up in a very artistic family and was surrounded by creative people since I was very young. As a child I spent hours underneath my father’s drawing board, a great deal of time watching my mother create her ceramics and often spent entire weekends at my uncle’s atelier. These experiences have influenced me throughout my life, but are even more apparent to me today with the debut of Woofy."

"The process of making this piece has caused me to reflect on my family legacy and has served as a great inspiration to my work. I love surprises. I’m like a little kid in that way. I have so many wild ideas all the time and I’m constantly inventing new ways to make life easier, more pleasurable, less complicated. I see an opportunity in every situation, and I like to use my creativity to solve problems. I spend hours thinking about solutions before I start taking things apart and putting them back together. I enjoy recreating the things that surrounds me in order to make them more functional and more meaningful for me in the way I live."