Timber Trivet


Classic Shape with a Pure Expression

Timber is a stylish and practical trivet with a beautifully designed finish by Adam Goodrum. Timber trivets are made of natural materials and are useful both in the kitchen and for laying the table with.

Australian Adam Goodrum has used play as his reference point. With strong references to classic wooden toys, Timber is also playful in its shape and constitutes a graphic pattern through a pure and honest mode of expression. There are no unnecessary details.

Adam Goodrum explains: "My wish was to design a sculptural trivet. I adopted a playful approach to come up with the mode of expression. Just like a puzzle where the pieces must be fitted together correctly to create the whole picture. The trivets three parts become one when they are connected together. The conical shaping constitutes an elegant gathering of the object.”

Design: Adam Goodrum


Adam Goodrum

Adam Goodrum grew up in Western Australia then moved to Sydney to study Industrial Design. Today Adam is focusing on furniture, product and interior design and his work unifies functionality with aesthetic. Central to much of Adams work is his fascination for movement and geometry. Adams design process starts with a small working piece and builds systematically from that point.

“My design philosophy is curios, hands on, fun and rigorous. To me design is creating functional products with personality. Elements such as mechanisms, movement and geometry fascinate me.”