Stone Hooks



A Unique Piece of Nature

Stone is a series of hooks in a strong, yet simplistic, design. Each Stone hook is different and introduces a natural element to your interior design.

Helga Sigurbjarnadottir got the inspiration for the hook on a summer day while walking on the Snæfellsnes peninsula on the west coast of Iceland. She came over myriads of beautiful stones that had been polished by the sea for millions of years. Helga was inspired to continue to work on this natural material, and create a design for a series of hooks.

Helga Sigurbjarnadottir tells us: "I am very inspired by nature and its thousands of faces. A stone is not just a stone, but is found in innumerable shapes and degrees of hardness. Stone is a hook full of contrasts, both when you look at it and touch it. It is all about using natural materials to create our own little landscape at home, with an object we all need, a hook."

Stone hooks brings a piece of Icelandic nature indoors.

Design: Helga Sigurbjarnadottir


Helga Sigur- bjarnadottir

Helga graduated with RSP Master in Interior Design from IED Milano 2008. She worked for a design studio in Iceland in 2007, along with her studies. Since her graduation, Helga has been working independently both on projects and products.

"Design to me is something that makes you feel good, something that is both pleasant for the eye and for the heart, something that provokes a feeling. I would say that as a designer I’m minimalistic but colorful. I like playing with simple forms and make them more interesting by adding colors to it."