Stay Table



A Small Table for all Rooms

Today, many people are decorating their homes in accordance with the concept of versatile living. They cut out the clutter and instead surround themselves with a few well-chosen designs that can be used in more ways than one, thereby fulfilling several needs in their daily lives. This is exactly the idea behind the Stay Tables.  

These side tables are easy to move around in the home and because of their small sizes they effortlessly fit into most spaces. The leaves, stones and plants of nature itself inspired the shape and colors of the Stay Tables. The round and soft shapes of the table are a fine contrast to the flat and hard steel, giving Stay both an organic and industrial look. 

The designer Jonas Wagell is fascinated by minimalism but likes to add personality to his designs, and his fingerprints can be found all over the Stay Tables. Their simplicity is striking, yet the playful curves of the tabletop and rounded corners of the base add something more to the design. Something warm, friendly and inviting.

Design: Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell was born in Linköping and worked as a graphic designer and project manager until 2001 where he started considering a future within the field of product- and interior design. Jonas started studying Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Konstfack University College, where he graduated with a MFA in 2007. Today, Jonas Wagell works with architecture and design.

“My ambition is to create simple and honest products that have strong character and warmth. Often with humor and color. I have always been fascinated by minimalism but often find myself lacking something personal or a trace from the creator. Maybe my work could be described as “expressive minimalism”. I believe it is important that design has a connection to local traditions and heritage on some level, without risking being outdated with time.”