Sprinkle Bed Linen



Spectacular Swirling Spots

Sprinkle is a series consisting of a quilt and bed linen inspired by various textures and pigments. The motif is made up of a spot that is repeated in different sizes in casual yet ordered manner creating a beautiful, abstract print with a light and vivid feel. The soft, organic character of the print gives Sprinkle a welcoming look and makes it pleasing to the eye.

Anne Lehmann says: “I'm fascinated by the volatile, movable attributes of, for example, sand, sprinkles, pearls and confetti. The patterns and lines created when scattering these materials gives both a fixed and lightweight appearance, as though the wind could come at any time and whirl it all up into completely new and unexpected formations”.

The varied selection of subdued, calm tones and the more contrasting, playful color combinations provide ample opportunity to add a sprinkle of casual elegance to your decor. 


Anne Lehmann

Anne Lehmann has a Master’s degree in design from KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. She is previously educated within the fashion industry as a Design Technologist, holding a degree in design and branding from KEA in 2007.

After a period of working as an independent freelancer within the design and fashion scene, she became employed at Normann Copenhagen as Graphic & Product designer. Here she designs new products and is responsible for the graphic and visual identity of the company. One can always find a strong, graphical element in her designs.

"My approach to design is very clear: I design to bring beauty and ease into people's lives. Form and functionality are always intertwined as key elements in my creative process. It is my desire to provide people with the pleasure of beauty and the simplicity of use. Design must give meaning and possess value to be relevant. I want my designs to give people joy."