Snooze Bed Linen

Deep Sleep, Sassy Chic, Lazy Morning, Dreamy Moon and Sweet Nectar are the moods you can take to bed with you. The embroidered symbols differ from pillow to duvet, but interact as a little tale. So enjoy a lie-in with Deep Sleep, complete with sleeping mask and snoozy Zs, spend the morning with Lazy Morning's embroidery of croissants and coffee, or allow the deep sleep to carry you to a universe of sweet dreams with the Dreamy Moon bed set in cloudy grey, complete with a decorative moon symbol and an embroidered cloud in a starry sky.
Snooze bed linen sets have a clean, monochrome look with internal seams and discreet closures. The duvet cover is designed with a concealed zip at the bottom, while the pillowcase has an envelope closure to avoid hard, uncomfortable material. Turn the embroidery downwards and you have a simple, plain-colored bed linen set. The bed linen sets come in a pretty drawstring bag, with embroidery that matches the linen inside.

Sofia Bordoni

Sofia Bordoni was educated in industrial design and multimedia at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice, Italy. She has worked within the field of graphic design for various design studios and cultural organizations, and is now employed at Normann Copenhagen where she works with both graphic and product design. Sofia is an observer and when something catches her interest and curiosity, a design process already begins to unfold in her mind. For Sofia this is a very accurate process, through which she channels her attention to detail and keen eye for shapes, colors and typography into timeless and emotive designs.

“I love recalling my childhood, which was filled with colors, paper, pencils and handicrafts, and where an obsession towards various creative fields started to grow in me. Photography: developing analog photos. Architecture: seeing buildings as shapes, volumes and material combinations. Typography: observing letters as shapes with an entrenched character. Upon realizing that graphic design is the field that is capable of bringing together all of these passions, I followed it with enthusiasm.”