Rainbow Trivet



A Foldable Trivet

Rainbow is a colorful and decorative trivet designed by the German design trio Rudolph Schelling Webermann. The Rainbow trivet easily folds together, and thanks to this practical folding mechanism, it doesn't take up unnecessary space in the drawer. An elegant and functional design for all color-loving devotees of design.  

Since 2005, Rudolph Schelling Webermann, consisting of the three designers Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann, and Sven Rudolf, has been based in Hannover, Germany, where they work together to create award-winning innovative designs. According to Rudolph Schelling Webermann the driving force behind their designs is a romantic notion that a designer is an inventor of products which is creating a better world. 

With the Rainbow trivet, Rudolph Schelling Webermann wanted to create a folding mechanism that was simultaneously functional and fun. This was the beginning of a long development and design process. The result was the Rainbow trivet, whose three parts are easily and practically brought together and thereby taking up the least possible space when not in use. 

Rudolph Schelling Webermann say: "Design has a magical ability to make products lovable and not just functional. In the development of the Rainbow trivet, the question was one of devising the correct folding mechanism so that the end product was both aesthetically pleasing and practical to use. The Rainbow trivet is playful in its expression and it’s a joy looking at its colors." 


Good Design Award 2011

Design: Rudolph Schelling Webermann


Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Rudolph Schelling Webermann consist of Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolph who met during their studies at FH Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After working for different studios, the three designers decided to start their own design studio. Rudolph Schelling Webermann is specialized in consumer product design.  

“We are driven by the romantic idea that a designer is an inventor of products that is able to create a better world. We love to challenge materials, products and people’s behavior. The way to our designs lies in the search for a new, better, different, unjustly forgotten or humorous idea.”  

Rainbow Trivet: 2011 Good Design Award, 
Beater: 2012 red dot: winner, 2012 Good Design Award, 2013 Design Plus, 
Nutcracker: 2014 Design Plus