Created for Coziness

According to Nordic mythology Heima means ‘home’ or ‘the world’, but Heima is also the name of a series of cast iron candle holders.

The Nordic tradition of using candlelight is the essence behind Heima, which won the prestigious design prize IF Product Design Award 2010. Heima candle holders are available as tea light candle holder, block candle holder, candlestick and 4-armed candlestick.  

Inspired by the Nordic culture of using candlelight and the cast iron arts and crafts of the 1950s, Francis Cayouette has created candle holders that feature a recognizable design and pay tribute to industrial craftsmanship and to the Nordic traditions. The uneven, almost cold surface gives the Heima candle holders character, while the rounded shapes make the design modern.

Francis Cayouette says: “The concept of ‘coziness’ varies from person to person. For me the Nordic tradition of using candlelight is synonymous with coziness. Arts and crafts must have a recognizability and a history and cast iron is an exciting raw material with history. It was natural that the Heima series holds different candle holders for different types of candles.”


IF Product Design Award 2010


Francis Cayouette

Francis Cayouette is member of the Danish Designers Society and holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial design from the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Montreal (1994). Francis also studied at Les Ateliers in Paris.

"I find working on very different projects inspiring. It is important for me to start a project with a fresh mind and without too many preconceived images. It requires a lot of work and exploration, but that’s generally where the new ideas come from. I find it very inspiring to challenge myself into unknown areas. I learn a lot from working in different fields. The result should be surprising and open minded, but also honest and easy to understand. When I start a project I try to focus less on the product and more on the needs. I’m interested in finding new interpretations but also in the everyday interaction of the objects, people and space. Today, new technologies and new materials allow more liberty for the creator. I try to translate these possibilities into more freedom for the user. The objects surrounding us should be able to adapt to the fast and constantly changing situations in life. Our needs are increasing, but our space is not. I believe there is a challenge in creating better basic products that makes life easier instead of more complicated."

Design Awards: 

Heima: IF Product Design Award 2010