Simplicity and functionality combined

With cohesive family traits, the Form Chair and Table are versatile and timeless dining room furniture with a contemporary and clean design. About the design Simon Legald explains: “I've developed a technique that allows the connections between the frame and seat to be a naturally integrated part of the design. The frame is secured by a single plastic mould, which makes it appear almost as if the frame is growing out of the shell. This gives the design flexibility and makes it possible to vary the frame in a great number of ways. Form Chair is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and design history. At the same time, it is entirely unique”.
The Form concept was Simon Legald’s graduation project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2012, a project for which he earned top marks. Since the initial idea, it has taken 3 years to develop the Form series. It has become one of Normann Copenhagen’s most popular product designs in record time. Form is about prioritizing functionality and simplicity without compromising with quality and design. Form is crafted in material easy to maintain, leaving you with timeless dining room furniture. Create a classic, unique and contemporary decor with Form.

Design: Simon Legald