In the Cross Field Between South and North

On a visit to Scandinavia Ramírez i Carrillo discovered the Nordic fascination of light. It was interesting for them to observe how people in the Nordic countries seek out the light and use candles to create atmosphere, comfort, and ambience in their homes. The designers grew up in Spain, where one often seeks the shade rather than the sun and mainly uses the candle for practical purposes, such as when there is no electricity in the house.

Ramírez i Carrillo explain: "We became fascinated by the phenomenon of candles and the way they are used in northern Europe when we were on holiday in Finland. We proceeded to investigate the use of the candle throughout history. We came across antique oil lamps, which typically had a handle so you could carry the light to where you needed to use it. We thought it would be exciting to add this function to a tealight holder."


Design: Ramírez i Carillo


Ramírez i Carrillo

Jaume Ramírez and Josema Carrillo met in 2001 and established the design studio Ramírez i Carrillo with bases in both Barcelona and Milan. Josema Carrillo graduated as a graphic designer from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño Kunsthal de Irun in 1997. Jaume Ramírez graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Girona in 1998.

Culture and people inspire them; this can include everyday activities to more complex issues. Dialogue is paramount for both designers. They always go over an assignment several times when starting out on a new project in order to take advantage of their different strengths.