Furniture for a New Era

Classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That's one way of describing our Era Lounge Collection. But the Era Collection is much more. The design is well-proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary.

Era is simultaneously a tribute to classic Danish furniture design and an aim at creating an entirely new series of furniture with such simplicity, versatility and aesthetic and physical longevity that it can easily transcend generations. Era exudes sophistication and tranquility and invites you to enjoy pure and unadulterated relaxation!

Simon Legald says: "It took a while to get the proportions and the interaction between the soft curves and straight lines on the shells just right. It was crucial that the upholstering and stitching were carried out with the utmost precision. I wanted to create individual pieces where each item in the series had its own character. I did this through the variations of the high and low versions of the chairs, and by the different frames available for the chair and sofa. For example, the wooden frames are flat and add warmth while the slimmer, round black steel and chrome frames give a more industrial feel. Finally, the frame for the rocking chair and sofa is a slightly unexpected and playful choice for a lounge chair".

Design: Simon Legald

Awards: Winner of German Design Award ”Special Mention” 2015