Ekko Throw Blanket



Effervescent, Harmonic Repetitions

Ekko is a range of throw blankets in a contemporary design, woven in a soft, luxurious quality of pure wool.

In the design process, the Norwegian design team of Günzler.Polmar has experimented with composition and repetition, utilizing the weaving technique to add character to the throw blanket. They have used the traditional technique of jacquard weaving combined with a contemporary graphic pattern, uniting the best from both worlds in a design with an exciting yet harmonic look.

Günzler.Polmar elaborates on this: ”We created Ekko's design by experimenting with repetition and pattern-building. We set about the task as though we were going to create a picture or a painting. Our aim was to achieve balance and harmony in the motif, but it also had to be exciting and dynamic to look at.”

Design: Günzler.Polmar


The Norwegian design studio Günzler.Polmar consists of Victoria Günzler and Sara Wright Polmar. They met when they were both students of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. After finishing their studies in 2011, they started their own design studio. Their work has been shown at trade fairs and exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, LA, Stockholm and Oslo.

“We are fascinated by the potential design has of making an impact on people’s everyday lives. To us it is not a question of function or aesthetics. We believe that both elements must be present to create a god design. The aesthetic of a product can also be a function in a way. The things we surround ourselves and the way they are designed influence our daily lives. Functional items can make things simpler while aesthetically pleasing things can help increase our sense of quality of life”.