A Duck for Life

Ducky is a simple and classic wooden figure full of nostalgia and character. The Israeli designer Dor Carmon created Ducky in the wake of his daughter's birth, inspired by traditional wooden toys. Although it was only when he had first designed the wooden duck, that he saw its potential as a product.

Ducky has been designed without unnecessary details and has a stringent, symmetrical and almost sculptural feel. The large wheels at the front help to break up the tight symmetry and add personal expression. 

Dor Carmon says,” I love to design characters. To create something aesthetic that doesn't necessarily need to be functional is a form of relaxation for me. It's a nice break from my normal day where I work primarily with functional product design. Apart from that I wanted to design a special item for my daughter. It had to be something timeless, emotive and irreplaceable that she could have with her throughout her adult life.”

Design: Dor Carmon


Dor Carmon

Dor Carmon was born in Israel in 1977 and graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology in 2004. He mainly designs furniture and lifestyle products, all with the purpose of creating products that awaken the senses and create excitement via the simplicity of the form, proper proportions and interaction between details.