Curve Hooks


Let The Curve Hook Welcome Your Guests

Peter Johansen has created a hook in a contemporary style with references to the classic Danish design of the 1950s. He has taken the most basic shape as his starting point and subsequently adapted and refined its expression. Vital to the design is the curve itself – clearly evident through the softly rounded ends and the molded plywood. To contrast this, the Curve Hook has a faceted edge which adds boldness to the slightly oversized look.

Peter Johansen says:” I've always liked hanging things up. I'm fascinated by the shape of hooks and intrigued by their function. More and more people are opting out of using the little loop for hanging up their coats. This requires a wider coat hook that is gentler on the clothing material. The Curve Hook is intended as a humorous item for the wall, where you can hang 1, 2, 3 or 10 for different purposes.”

Design: Peter Johansen

Peter Johansen

Peter Johansen graduated in furniture and spatial design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. His work often involves modelling and 1:1 scaling. His work is inspired by everyday life and his immediate surroundings. Peter Johansen says himself that his projects are characterized by logic and often contain a flirtation with the trivial. As the son of a Norwegian father and a Swedish mother, and having lived his entire life in Denmark, Peter Johansen is Scandinavian to the core.

"Scandinavian in spirit, modern in expression," is how Peter Johansen describes his own designs.