Buzz Flyswatter

Buzz Flyswatter


Rethinking a classic

Hans Hornemann has challenged the traditional design of a flyswatter and added a new shape, aesthetic and functionality to his interpretation of the product. Using a folded newspaper as his starting point, he progressed to a conical design in which all unnecessary details have been stripped away. The combination of materials creates an elegant balance of shape and function. With its harmonic feel, Buzz doesn´t have to be hidden away but even looks great as an addition to a windowsill display of vases and candle holders. The innovative shape of Buzz adds character and exclusivity to a tool not usually thought of as a design object. 

Designer Hans Hornemann says: ”I've designed a flyswatter in a simple and classic design with a touch of something new and playful that challenges the viewer. I saw traditional flyswatters as a challenge, as they often have trouble reaching into corners. Many choose to use a folded newspaper instead. I therefore started from the very beginning and created a flyswatter with focus on functionality. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate an aesthetic into the flyswatter that made it an interesting and relevant item for the home."

Design: Hans Hornemann

Hans Hornemann

The young Danish designer Hans Hornemann graduated as a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from the University of Aalborg 2014. Hans Hornemann emphasizes the combination of aesthetic simplicity and high functionality in expressive and light-hearted design. He is fascinated by the industrial and technical solutions in design in terms of both material and mode of expression. Natural materials often inspire him, and he endeavors to strip the design to its bone and portray the honesty found in the materials. 

“In my opinion design should be a balance between an aesthetic minimalism and functionality with a user friendly experience. As a designer I aim to be true to the material used in order to enhance and bring out its natural qualities and characteristics. I value clean and minimalistic lines that add a new spin to the classic design. In creating a design, I think it’s important to start from scratch and bring a new contribution to the products idiom, expression or functionality.”