Beater Whisk



Colorful Beater

Beater is sculptural whisk which is space-saving and functional all at the same time. Beater can be folded together, saving space in the kitchen drawer or hanging on the wall. 

Beater is inspired by a pack of straws gathered in the middle using a ring that functions as both an opening and closing mechanism as well as a hanging fixture. An everyday product in a creative and space-saving design available in eight stunning colors.

The Designers Rudolph Schelling Webermann explains: "We are driven by the romantic notion that a designer invents products aimed at making the world a better place. Our whisk is simple and sculptural in form and function and we have made it as space-saving as possible without compromising on the design."

Beater comes in white, grey, light blue, mint and dark blue. All Beaters have a contrast color that spices up the design. 


Red Dot Design Award 2012 

Design: Rudolph Schelling Webermann


Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Rudolph Schelling Webermann consist of Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolph who met during their studies at FH Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After working for different studios, the three designers decided to start their own design studio. Rudolph Schelling Webermann is specialized in consumer product design.  

“We are driven by the romantic idea that a designer is an inventor of products that is able to create a better world. We love to challenge materials, products and people’s behavior. The way to our designs lies in the search for a new, better, different, unjustly forgotten or humorous idea.”  

Rainbow Trivet: 2011 Good Design Award, 
Beater: 2012 red dot: winner, 2012 Good Design Award, 2013 Design Plus, 
Nutcracker: 2014 Design Plus