Ballo Toilet Brush



The Dancing Toilet Brush

Ballo is a different, amusing and happy toilet brush. Ballo wishes you a colorful welcome to your bathroom, and wobbles back and forth, which gave Ballo its name; Ballo means "dance" in Italian. 

The Ballo design arose from playing with the concept of balance. Balance is central to Ballo's design, it is what creates its playful and light expression. All in one go, Ballo creates surprise, an experience and a smile for its users.

The designer Jozeph Forakis says: "I am fascinated by the design of behavior and gestures. A product becomes interesting and gets life from the energy created between a product and its user, in the interaction between them. Like a good tool which is suited to its purpose, the design is born from first designing the behavior without compromising the function. Ballo moves, almost dances on the bathroom floor. It’s a funny but functional product that creates pleasure and gives an experience in people's daily lives."

Design: Jozeph Forakis


Jozeph Forakis

Jozeph Forakis grew up as the child of artists in New York, and design and materials' qualities have always played a part in his life. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and Masters of Industrial Design from the Domus Academy in Milan. His work is recognized for its innovative use of materials and techniques, as well as for his ongoing investigation into the ‘behavioral’ influence of interactive information technologies in product design and in everyday objects.