Mendel Heit

Over the past 10 years, designer Mendel Heit has been exploring a broad variety of design fields; from interior architecture to industrial design. He has worked on commercial projects while engaging in research and teaching.


Tombola vase Normann Copenhagen


He studied in France (ENSAD Nancy) and Germany (HBK Braunschweig) and started his career in Berlin. In 2010, he established his studio, where he works with glass, porcelain, concrete and ceramics, as well as 3d printed materials.

The inspiration comes from a mix of new technologies, traditional crafts, contemporary society and local heritage. He is especially fascinated by the integration of new fabrication technologies within existing crafts. To Mendel Heit, design is an endless creation space. As technologies advance and culture shifts, he continues to find new challenges and opportunities to explore.


Tombola Vase - Rose | Normann Copenhagen

"Play and understand, explore and magnify, reduce and enhance’ would probably be one of the main routines in my creative approach. And there is always a secret path, this hidden way between the trees that leads to the best viewpoint from the cliff onto the ocean sunset!”


Tombola Vase Normann Copenhagen


Tombola Vase - Rose & Grey | Normann Copenhagen