Danish design icons

Danish Design Icons

Two of Normann Copenhagen's products are included in the book '101 Danske Design Ikoner', edited by Lars Dybdahl from Design Museum Denmark, which presents an exquisite selection of Danish design objects.

'101 Danske Design Ikoner' collects 101 outstanding examples of Danish design created to the present day. We are thrilled to be included in the book, in which 32 of Denmark’s best researchers and communicators within the field of design have contributed to its making!

The chosen objects for the 'Danske Design Ikoner' book range from classic Danish furniture pieces to supermarket plastic bags and mail boxes. Their status as icons stems from them being known and loved by the Danish people in their daily lives. Therefore, it is a great recognition that among these 101 Danish design icons two Normann Copenhagen products can be found! 

Normann Copenhagen founders, Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen seem to have a certain flair for choosing great designs, and the pieces selected for this book are no exception. The selected Normann Copenhagen pieces are: 


Danish design icons

The Washing-up Bowl designed by Ole Jensen (in 2002). 

It all started with an idea about a simple rubber bowl for washing up. When doing his dishes, Ole Jensen felt the need for a more protective environment than what the zink or more traditional plastic washing-up bowls could offer. The rubber used for the Washing-up Bowl adapts to the content and is gentle on your porcelain and glass kitchenware pieces. The Washing-up Bowl has been honored with several design awards for its unique design. 

Insiders fact: Today, the Washing-up Bowl has become an object that can be used for many other things than washing up. Among other things, it has been used as a wine cooler in the restaurant at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and for foot baths in selected hotels all over the world. 

The Washing-up Bowl is available in black, red, grey and a refreshing mint that was released this year. 


The beautiful and widely illustrated book can be an excellent present for the design enthusiast. Combine it with a Krenit Bowl or a Washing-up Bowl for a cool gift kit. The book can be purchased at our Flagship Store and at book retailers around the country. The book is only available in Danish.


Danish design icons

The Krenit Bowl designed by Herbert Krenchel (in 1953). 

Materials researcher and civil engineer Herbert Krenchel designed the Krenit Bowl back in the 1950’s. It was an instant success and found its way into many Danish homes, but in the 1960’s enamel was no longer the preferred material and the majority of the enamel factories closed down, including the one where the Krenit Bowls were produced. However, the Krenit Bowl was not forgotten and throughout the years it has become a collectors item. 

In 2008, the Krenit Bowl was relaunched by Normann Copenhagen to the great delight of its many fans. The bowl has a simple yet distinct design with a colored glossy inside and a black matte outside. 

Insiders fact: The name Krenit is a combination of the name Krenchel and eternit (Danish word for enamel).

The Krenit Bowls come in a wide selection of sizes and colors, most recently the color range was expanded with the colors mint, yellow and coral (pictured).