Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen

We’ve got an exciting announcement to make! This year, Normann Copenhagen and Tivoli are joining forces to create an entirely new design collection.

Located in the middle of Copenhagen, Tivoli is an iconic amusement park, blooming with green gardens of lush flower arrangements amidst lakes and pathways. Since its opening in 1843, Tivoli has been able to strike a harmonious balance in preserving its recognizable heritage while following the founder’s drive for constant innovation. 

This year, Normann Copenhagen has set out to design a design collection for Tivoli. We talked to Normann Copenhagen’s CEO Poul Madsen about this exciting new collaboration. 

Why a collaboration with Tivoli?

"One of the things Georg Carstensen, the founder of Tivoli, always said was that ‘Tivoli will never be finished’ - and Normann Copenhagen never will be either. We are a brand in constant development, which is also an exciting challenge. We strive to challenge ourselves and to create new things that make us move out of our comfort zone. Tivoli has a long-standing heritage for doing the same.  In addition, Tivoli and Normann Copenhagen both have a very lively color universe. We are not afraid of using bold colors, and neither is Tivoli. 

The Tivoli x Normann Copenhagen collaboration means the beginning of a whole new brand. The outcome of the collaboration is of course an extension of what we are doing now at Normann Copenhagen, but this new collection takes Tivoli’s heritage as a point of departure. They’re celebrating their 175th anniversary this year. That is a lot of history and a treasure chest of inspiration!"

What kind of designs can be expected from the collaboration?

"Everything we’re designing for the new collection is somehow inspired by Tivoli: by the park, by the colors, the patterns, architecture, flowers and art in the garden and its cultural heritage.

When you look at the products, you’ll find them to be nicely designed and of high quality. But if you are a frequent Tivoli visitor or if you look a little closer, you will begin to see the many similarities between the two, and notice how Tivoli is a part of every single design piece. 

So, the products are made with care for great design and function, as all of our other products are, too. But this new collection will also carry all the history of one of Denmark’s oldest and most cherished establishments in addition to that. 

In terms of products, the collection will entail many different categories, from lighting, to textiles, tableware, home accessories, scented soaps and creams, as well as gift items. We’re currently working on over 270 article numbers, but it will quickly develop into many more!"

What constitutes Danish lifestyle and how will this collaboration play into that?

"Danish lifestyle has something to do with quality and with feeling happy. We believe that design can be a part of improving the human quality of life and make people happier. In our homes, the quality of the things we surround ourselves with can help create a feeling of delight and enjoyment.

Whether you have a single light bulb sticking out of the wall or a well-designed lamp that creates a comfortable light in the room, will undoubtedly affect how you feel. It's the quality of the things we surround ourselves with that can have a strong effect on our mood. It affects everything." 

When will designs become available?

"The new design collection will become available for purchase worldwide for Autumn/Winter 2018."

Photos courtesy of Tivoli.