Form Unfolds

Form is the story of a vision of creating the perfect chair and reflects inspiration drawn from chair designs throughout history. Since its launch in 2014, the original Form chair with wooden legs has unfolded into manifold variations, most recently with a swivel and stacking base. Meet the chair’s designer, young Danish talent Simon Legald. 

It took three years from the initial idea until the chair was launched, during which the chair’s design was constantly refined and advanced. Form is a modern interpretation of the classic shell chair, which combines a strong design idiom with comfortable curves and innovative industrial production techniques. 
Today, the Form chair can be configured in over 40.000 different combinations of shell color, upholstery, leg type and height, and most recently includes new swivelling and stackable options. All of which show the same uncompromising design approach as the original Form chair.

Designer Simon Legald.
We met Simon Legald to revisit the Form chair’s origins, and talk about the journey the chair has undergone since.
“I had this idea of what an ideal chair should look like,” he says. “I wanted to unite the frame and the seat in a way I had never seen before. So, I analyzed hundreds of chairs from different periods during the design process,” Simon reflects, while we are sitting in Normann Copenhagen’s design studio located in Copenhagen’s Østerbro district.

“To me, shape and form is the essence of design. Form is what makes a product recognizable and sets the design apart from other products. Form is the first thing you see, you then experience the function. Form is also where a designer can put his personal stamp on a piece of furniture or a product,” he goes on explaining.
“The goal was to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base. To achieve this, we developed an innovative and sleek mounting solution, consisting of 4 molded plastic connectors, which fit perfectly to the bottom of the shell. This almost makes it appear as though the legs are growing out of the seat.” 

Since Form was launched in 2014, the collection has unfolded further and further, most recently with the swiveling versions. About the particularities of these new additions to the Form series and what they offer, Simon explains:

“The newly launched versions each offer a new way to see and use the Form series. Each of the new version have their own extra function: the swivel chair with wheels, for instance, comes with a high-quality gas pump that lets you adjust the height depending on the table and your own height.”

“In general, the swivel chairs offer a freedom of movement, which is great in an office space or around a conference table, while the stackable versions offer a lot of flexibility in a café or restaurant environment.”
There are now 40.000 possible combinations of upholstery, leg types and color combination. Hard to pick a favorite! “My personal favorite is the green Form chair with armrests and oak legs. At least that is the version I have around my own dining table!” Simon answered, when we curiously asked him to reveal his favourite Form chair.

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Simon Legald’s design DNA of the Form chair also continues in the rest of the Form series, which includes a dining table and café tables, allowing you to furnish a space with the same aesthetic and function as the Form chairs.